1.  The songs that have ironic connections are “low life” by future and “Starboy” by the Weeknd. The main focus of the two songs is they both have deep feelings for a love one like a girl that the artist both have a crush on.
  2. The mood of both the songs are very similar they both have a sad, cheesy kind of mood for the girl both artists love in the two songs.
  3.  Both songs figuratively focus on the girl both artist’s love and have a deep feeling for that particular girl.
  4.  Both songs historically came out after one another in a short period of time. “Starboy” came out september of 2016 and “low life” came out march of 2016, and one of the artist’s was in both of the songs which is his name is the Weeknd.
  5.  One thing that stuck out to me in both the songs is that both the artist’s in the individual songs both talk about the same perspective throughout the whole song.

Video Commentary (Part One)

1: The song is called Xo-tour-lif3 by, Lil Uzi-Vert and basically the song is about how Lil Vert fell in love with a girl that he really liked but she doesn’t like as much back.

2: The artist attitude and tone in the song is like he’s sad and paranoid at the same time he wanted his relationship with his ex to go the way he intended to but I didn’t.

3: The official video to the song “Xo-tour-lif3 is very relevant to each other because the artist’s emotions and gestures/actions all have a representation to the song and what he’s saying in the song.

4: The artist’s lifestyle In his song is very different from his actual lifestyle because, in the song the artist is just walking around the streets with his pants sagging and he’s just smoking some blunts.

5: The video’s connection with the artist’s song video is a little bit rare in my opinion the artist is song in the middle of the street and it appears to be no traffic and civilians around.


Pop Music

In the 1950s pop music became very popular and more and more people were tuned in pop music. And also rock and roll also emerged in the 1950s which was also as famous, it was a louder and more exciting type of pop music the people loved.  The pop music at the time was mostly about youthful rebellion and teenage love. But today pop music has evolved and changed over time,  but the kind of music we get today is mostly about controversial issues and love. We live world today that if one person is opposed to a song or dislikes a song that mostly everyone loves they might be criticized or judged based on their opinion on music. As for today so many people oppose pop music manly because its pretty old and the majority of people would rather prefer the type of music that is so popular today in the music industry such as rap, hip-hop, jazz and rock. In America pop music has been like a cultural/historic music for centuries now that’s why so many people today have the amount of respect and dignity for the music. Pop music was a big thing back in the day it was twice as popular as the music that exist today. Classic music was also right behind pop music in terms of popularity. But the real question that I’ve been always wondering is will all the other types of music in the music industry be as famous as pop music is from centuries from today?

Billboard top 100:

I feel like the top 10 most recent songs on the billboard list are all songs that came out most recently. It doesn’t look like there is any pattern of the same artist coming up more than once it’s very diverse on the different types of artist that have got top 100. The most recent songs are at the top of the billboard, which I believe is just an interest of the fans because most people like being up-to date with the most recent music that comes out regardless of the artist. I think mostly the hip hop music has the most trends and views based on the different types of music by different artists. I would say there is less of pop music in the list it’s mostly rap and hip hop and some country and rock I could hardly  find a pop music that made the billboard list.

Artist Interview

Future, Freebandz Future H. “Future’s Full Interview with Zane Lowe.” YouTube. YouTube, 16 Feb. 2017. Web. 27 Mar. 2017.

Ringen, Jonathan D. “Atlanta Rap Hero Future on Making Chart History and Kicking It With ‘Superstar Females’.” Billboard. , Mar.-Apr. 2017. Web. 27 Mar. 2017.

The artist i’ve chosen was Future because he’s my number 1 favorite artist and he has a strong feeling for what he does for a living which is the songs he produces, when it comes to music Future has a great connection with his fans on how he can make them satisfied with his music.

Speaker: The speaker In the song “Stick Talk” is, Future. One thing I knew about future he’s  up-to-date with his music.

Audience: The main intended audience to the song  “Stick Talk” is anyone who is trying hit on his girl.

Media: I was exposed to this song when it first came out my friends suggested I listen to the song and I really enjoyed it.

Content: In the song “Stick Talk” the artist future is basically stating and explaining in his song that if anyone is hitting on his girl that they should back off.

Occasion:  There is really no event that lead to me liking this the song the #1 out of my playlist.

Purpose: For this particular song the artists has main purpose for releasing the song was to make sure people are aware that he is in love with only one girl and doesn’t want no one interfering.

  1.  What was your career goal as a young kid?
  2. Why are all your songs based on money, hustling and women?
  3.  Was there anyone who has inspired you to become a rapper?
  4. Why do you speak so fast in some of your songs?
  5. Are your fans more important to you than the money you make?


Lindvall, Helienne. “Why Artists Should Retain Ownership of Their Recordings.” The Guardian. Guardian News and Media, 29 Jan. 2009. Web. 23 Mar. 2017.

There are many issues when it comes to owning music, artists and musicians have a problem with securing their music because other musicians will use their work to make their products look as good. Most artists/musicians are not as aware of the outcomes of ownership to their music. The ownership of music can be a big deal but most musicians don’t secure their music on who can use their content and who can’t. There can be some music that are public domain to public but, musicians should copyright their music.

My Playlist


  1. “You was right” – Lil Uzi -2016-hiphop
  2. Money Longer”-Lil Uzi-2016-hiphop
  3. “Never Switch”-LIl Boat-2016-hiphop
  4.  “6 foot 7 foot”-Lil Wayne-2011-hiphop
  5. “black and Yellow”- Wiz Khalifa-2010-rapper
  6.  “Blow a Bag” -Future-2015-rapper
  7. “Stick Talk” – Future- 2015 -rapper
  8. ” Do you mind”- DJ Khaled- 2015-rapper
  9.  ” Some Way” – The Weeknd- 2017- hip hop
  10.  “First Day Out” – Tee Grizzley- 2016-rapper


My playlist had a wide variety of songs from rap and hip hop, the songs I listen now and years before have changed a lot because I’m more of a up to date person with the music I listen to. Most of the songs I’ve listened to in past were not as popular as today, so that creates a less chance for the song to be as my top playlist. I have wide variety of musicians I listen to. I feel like my taste in music has changed throughout the time I’ve been listening to music first it has been hiphop now my taste in music has escalated to rap. I also feel like social media has a great impact on what types of music people listen to more than any other because teens and any kids from gen z will be sharing or talking about a certain type of music/song which causes some of the people who were not as interested more interested.

Social Media Activism

Abiola, Saratu D. “Making Social Media-driven Activism Work.” The Guardian, 8 Mar. 2017. Web. 11 Mar. 2017.

Jaramillo, Cassandra R. “How Hashtag Activism Is Changing the Way We Protest | Digital Life.” Dallas News. DallasNews, 23 Feb. 2017. Web. 11 Mar. 2017.

Social media activism has a great impact on how people protest, make an investment or a message they want to reach to the world, all these ideas generates and makes it a lot easier for on social media for people protesting, doing an investment or campaigns to be heard in a more efficient and quicker way.  Now day’s social media is a place where people communicate more so, it’s more likely for someone to be heard/seen if they have an important message to deliver. Also with that being said journalist and companies will use hashtags that is more likely to get the viewers attention and later on read the story/ view platform of the message.






Media Log: 2

new-piktochart_20340298_27164c25d5b6e8e79dd03687e107cc82ffcff3f71: My media log for yesterday February, 16 2016 I mostly  exposed to using snap chat throughout the day I seems like i used snap chat more than any other media, I logged snap chat 23 times yesterday.

2: My most exposed media for yesterday would have to be social media, snap chat I used that social media quiet frequently yesterday.

3: I was mostly exposed to social media at certain times yesterday throughout the day it was times were I was not as busy like for example my lunch hour at school and when I got home from school. I would say the time I was exposed to social media would have to be 12 pm, 2 pm and 8 pm.

4: I would say my multitasking throughout multiple screens was very easy for me because I’m used to rotating from one media to a different media throughout the day.

5: For the most part I was the audience for my media exposure throughout my day yesterday. In many social media such as snap chat and Instagram I was the audience instead of being the speaker.


Dominate American Values in Advertising.

KFC/Georgia gold big game commercial: This ad was based on gold and how KFC wanted to share something a little about gold and how they both relate it was the first time ever KFC has made this kind of advertising. The people were intended in this ad are all Americans to have a little gold sense in their lives while enjoying their KFC meal. I think this advertising appeals to, 1: Material comfort because Americans enjoy fancy meals from KFC while their at a vacation. And, 2: I also think this ad also appeals to, Aristotle’s modes of persuasion because the author uses pathos to carry out emotions on the advertising to get people interested  in KFC.

A better super bowl/NFL Hyundai: I think this super bowl ad appeals to science because Hyundai built a stadium for American troops in Poland and it was built so they can watch the game and at the same time see their families through technology called a mock NRG. I also think this ad also appeals to Adventure because it’s really cool watching a football game and at the same time watching your family on a different screen.

As seen on TV Sprite: In my opinion I think this ad appeals to common logic values because the speaker tries to use the different types of fallacies to persuade the audience throughout the ad some fallacies he used include questionable cause and effect and snob Appeal. One other dominate American value this ad appeals to is Aristotle’s mode of persuasion because the author uses ethos to make the ad more credible.

Generation Z

Integration, Cause. “Get Ready For Generation Z.” Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 28 Nov. 2016. Web. 12 Feb. 2017.

  • Generation Z is a generation of young teens born from the year 1996 till 2010. This generation had mostly everything that exist today which includes smartphones and electrical devices.
  • Generation Z is a also a generation which makes good choices on their future and educational plans.
  • This generation takes good rules when it comes to a success in our businesses and communities.

Jackson, Bill M. “Learn About Gen Z (aka Generation Z) on GEN HQ.” GEN HQ. The Center for Generational Kinetics, Jan.-Feb. 2015. Web. 12 Feb. 2017.

  •  Generation Z is mostly a concern of 9/11 in America if you were born between 1996 and remember 9/11 you are not considered a Millennials.
  • Generation Z is also a highly educated generation, most a of them are people who have graduated from college with master’s degrees.
  • Generation Z is pretty diverse compared to the Millennials in many aspects of their lives in what they do traditionally and environmentally


5: Three strength of generation Z include: 1 their media consumption habits differ from previous generations. 2 They respond to edgy campaigns, 3 They prefer cool products over cool experience.

6: Three weaknesses of generation Z include: 1 the great recession that took place at 2009 and generation Z happens to not find a employment for them. 2, Some young youth in the workplace may not have enough experience. 3, Also the economy may not be in shape as it needed to.

7: I would say 9/11 would be an historic unforgettable event for generation Z  because those who were born in 20th century have witnessed the tragic event.