YouTube in 2017

YouTube was launched in May 2005, YouTube displays millions of videos discovered or made by You-tuber’s or people who subscribe a particular video that they saw and fascinated them which made them share that piece of video content with the large audience. Youtube is big company that allows anyone to publish a video of sort it can be comedy, entertainment, and music. Mainly people who publishes videos on youtube are youtubers their main job is to get the audience’s attention on their videos they post or publish on youtube. The company has evolved and changed over time and every year more and more people join youtube for a career or anything else. Youtube is very diverse it has all different types of videos published by different youtubers some content they publish include music, comedy, love, fantasy, mystery, horror, adventure and many more. I feel like the biggest advantage of youtube is if you miss something on an episode or tv show you can mostly likely watch the highlights and recap of that particular video without stressing. 10 years ago youtube was mostly used for music but, as for today youtube has many different genres that can be used to display anything other than music.


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