Pop Music

In the 1950s pop music became very popular and more and more people were tuned in pop music. And also rock and roll also emerged in the 1950s which was also as famous, it was a louder and more exciting type of pop music the people loved.  The pop music at the time was mostly about youthful rebellion and teenage love. But today pop music has evolved and changed over time,  but the kind of music we get today is mostly about controversial issues and love. We live world today that if one person is opposed to a song or dislikes a song that mostly everyone loves they might be criticized or judged based on their opinion on music. As for today so many people oppose pop music manly because its pretty old and the majority of people would rather prefer the type of music that is so popular today in the music industry such as rap, hip-hop, jazz and rock. In America pop music has been like a cultural/historic music for centuries now that’s why so many people today have the amount of respect and dignity for the music. Pop music was a big thing back in the day it was twice as popular as the music that exist today. Classic music was also right behind pop music in terms of popularity. But the real question that I’ve been always wondering is will all the other types of music in the music industry be as famous as pop music is from centuries from today?

Billboard top 100:

I feel like the top 10 most recent songs on the billboard list are all songs that came out most recently. It doesn’t look like there is any pattern of the same artist coming up more than once it’s very diverse on the different types of artist that have got top 100. The most recent songs are at the top of the billboard, which I believe is just an interest of the fans because most people like being up-to date with the most recent music that comes out regardless of the artist. I think mostly the hip hop music has the most trends and views based on the different types of music by different artists. I would say there is less of pop music in the list it’s mostly rap and hip hop and some country and rock I could hardly  find a pop music that made the billboard list.


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