How can you possibly get catfished in the 21st century?

Fake online identity and scammers have been a major issue on social media throughout the 21st century, it’s been a major problem in the past mainly in the 2000’s but as for today it has slowly declined due the new modern technology we have people are less likely to get fooled with a fake identity on social media. But the problem still exists today even though it’s not as an issue as it was a decade ago. Relationships would build mainly through communicated on the phone or on a social media platform back in the day, but for today if two people meet online and they have interest on one another we have face timing so you can actually verify the person you saw in a visual picture is the right person you fell in love with. Sadly there a people who can easily be fooled with a fake online identity without actually using the modern technology we have or the person may not know anything about the modern technology we have including face timing and etc… long-term relationships sometimes occur just by meeting someone online one of those people can possibly create a fake online identity to get enough out of the person they fell in love with, which can create a major problem in the end when the person who has been catfished finds out they’ve also fell in love with a scammer. This can create mental problems including depressions, anxiety, and can really upset the person really bad. It’s really a sad thing to be witnessing fake online identity and people being catfished on social media, this issue was well-known and common a decade ago but since we have all these modern technologies today, we should be less naive of this issue and should be more educated about fake online identity. It’s very time-consuming for a person who falls in love with a scammer on social media, that person could have done something more productive and beneficial for themselves the whole time they have been catfished. We need more people in this world to represent us and what we believe in so we should limit social media scammers or the government should enforce stricter laws that prohibits a person from wasting someone’s time using fake online identity to fraud someone.


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