Video Commentary (Part One)

1: The song is called Xo-tour-lif3 by, Lil Uzi-Vert and basically the song is about how Lil Vert fell in love with a girl that he really liked but she doesn’t like as much back.

2: The artist attitude and tone in the song is like he’s sad and paranoid at the same time he wanted his relationship with his ex to go the way he intended to but I didn’t.

3: The official video to the song “Xo-tour-lif3 is very relevant to each other because the artist’s emotions and gestures/actions all have a representation to the song and what he’s saying in the song.

4: The artist’s lifestyle In his song is very different from his actual lifestyle because, in the song the artist is just walking around the streets with his pants sagging and he’s just smoking some blunts.

5: The video’s connection with the artist’s song video is a little bit rare in my opinion the artist is song in the middle of the street and it appears to be no traffic and civilians around.



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