1.  The songs that have ironic connections are “low life” by future and “Starboy” by the Weeknd. The main focus of the two songs is they both have deep feelings for a love one like a girl that the artist both have a crush on.
  2. The mood of both the songs are very similar they both have a sad, cheesy kind of mood for the girl both artists love in the two songs.
  3.  Both songs figuratively focus on the girl both artist’s love and have a deep feeling for that particular girl.
  4.  Both songs historically came out after one another in a short period of time. “Starboy” came out september of 2016 and “low life” came out march of 2016, and one of the artist’s was in both of the songs which is his name is the Weeknd.
  5.  One thing that stuck out to me in both the songs is that both the artist’s in the individual songs both talk about the same perspective throughout the whole song.

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