My Playlist


  1. “You was right” – Lil Uzi -2016-hiphop
  2. Money Longer”-Lil Uzi-2016-hiphop
  3. “Never Switch”-LIl Boat-2016-hiphop
  4.  “6 foot 7 foot”-Lil Wayne-2011-hiphop
  5. “black and Yellow”- Wiz Khalifa-2010-rapper
  6.  “Blow a Bag” -Future-2015-rapper
  7. “Stick Talk” – Future- 2015 -rapper
  8. ” Do you mind”- DJ Khaled- 2015-rapper
  9.  ” Some Way” – The Weeknd- 2017- hip hop
  10.  “First Day Out” – Tee Grizzley- 2016-rapper


My playlist had a wide variety of songs from rap and hip hop, the songs I listen now and years before have changed a lot because I’m more of a up to date person with the music I listen to. Most of the songs I’ve listened to in past were not as popular as today, so that creates a less chance for the song to be as my top playlist. I have wide variety of musicians I listen to. I feel like my taste in music has changed throughout the time I’ve been listening to music first it has been hiphop now my taste in music has escalated to rap. I also feel like social media has a great impact on what types of music people listen to more than any other because teens and any kids from gen z will be sharing or talking about a certain type of music/song which causes some of the people who were not as interested more interested.


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