Media Log: 2

new-piktochart_20340298_27164c25d5b6e8e79dd03687e107cc82ffcff3f71: My media log for yesterday February, 16 2016 I mostly  exposed to using snap chat throughout the day I seems like i used snap chat more than any other media, I logged snap chat 23 times yesterday.

2: My most exposed media for yesterday would have to be social media, snap chat I used that social media quiet frequently yesterday.

3: I was mostly exposed to social media at certain times yesterday throughout the day it was times were I was not as busy like for example my lunch hour at school and when I got home from school. I would say the time I was exposed to social media would have to be 12 pm, 2 pm and 8 pm.

4: I would say my multitasking throughout multiple screens was very easy for me because I’m used to rotating from one media to a different media throughout the day.

5: For the most part I was the audience for my media exposure throughout my day yesterday. In many social media such as snap chat and Instagram I was the audience instead of being the speaker.



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