Blog#1 Credibility

              Laird, Sam. “Julian Edelman’s Clutch, Jaw-dropping Catch Was the Real MVP of Super Bowl LI.” The Moment That Saved Duper Bowl LI. Mashable, 06 Feb. 2017. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.   

   The article I read on Mashable was about super bowl LI and how the patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman came up with the game changing catch. This article is some what credible but, it wouldn’t be the best choice to choose from when it comes to articles on sports. When it comes to credibility Mashable is credible for how their article provides facts that are backed up with evidence. The article also has graphic images that relate to what the main topic that is being discussed in the article. The most important of the source is how the article clarifies that the catch made by Julian Edelman was the game changing catch of super bowl LI. This article relates to the 21st century because the article has a long time tradition of analyzing latest sport trends. 

                            Singh, Manish. “China’s Largest Internet Company Wants to Give Free Internet to Indians.” Mashable. China’s Alibaba Is Working on Bringing Free Internet to India, 07 Feb. 2017. Web. 07 Feb. 2017. 

  The main idea of this article is to let people know what the China’s government is doing for India, regards to providing free internet service. The UC Web company which China owns provides internet data to different countries has decided to expand its browser to attract over 30,000 self-publishers and bloggers. In my opinion I say this article is mostly credible because the article seems to be more liberal. The most important information of the source is how the article talks about China providing free internet to India with no cost and how the article can state their main point with the lack of credibility. This article relates to the 21 century on how China has been a long time # 1 provider to countries with the lack of what they have.                       



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